Webinar Recording and Resources now Available! Language Matters and Supporting Emotional Health


We're delighted to provide the recording of our Webinar on 30th September, alongside all the resources you need to put 'Language Matters: Supporting Emotional Health' for diabetes into practice!

View Webinar Recording here

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Download Resources Listing as PDF Booklet: (contains the listing below) here

Q & A from the Webinar (PDF Booklet) - here

Resources Listing:

Primary Resources:

NHS England: ‘Language Matters: a position statement’ 



Diabetes UK: ‘Diabetes and Emotional Health: A practical guide to supporting adults with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes’



Successful Diabetes: The Successful Diabetes Language Challenge


International Website (Newly lauched September 2020!)Language Matters Diabetes


Peer Support (UK):

The Great Britain Diabetes Online Community

Use #gbdoc on Twitter to interact with other people living with diabetes


Diabetes UK:  'Community' Pages:


Young Adults and Diabetes: Diabetes UK Pages


A Further Learning Opportunity

A 3 - hour online, interactive workshop ‘Supporting and Assessing Emotional Health in Adults with Diabetes’, presented by Rosie Walker and Keith Meadows is available for registrations here:


Resources recommended by individual speakers:

Cathy Lloyd

Language Matters: A UK Perspective (Review) here (Opens/Downloads PDF)

Cathy is presenting a further Webinar on ‘Language Matters’ on 5th November 2020. Details here:


Peter Jennings


Time in Range: Blog:


EASD e-learning module about time in range here:

Guidance on Time in Range here:



Keith Meadows:


The Diabetes Health Profile: Details here


Arie Nouwen:

Why Psychosocial Care Matters: Podcast Series


Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes (PSAD) Organisation: Website


Bob Swindell:

Language Matters Publications from other Countries, including Diabetes Australia, American Diabetes Association (ADA), Association of American Diabetes Educators (AADE). These are all listed on this page:


Holt, R.,Speight, J (2017). The language of diabetes: the good, the bad and the ugly. Diabetic Medicine, 34, 1496-1497

here (Opens / Downloads PDF)


Diabetes UK: Learning Zone


Diabetes Etiquette - for people who don't have diabetes! (A PDF) here:



A full description of the Webinar, including speaker biographies, can be found here






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