You're Invited - To Give Your Views on Your Meds and Devices!

 * A huge thank you to everyone who took part in this survey recently!  It's now closed and we'll share the results of the views you have contributed, as soon as we receive them, and obviously let you know when the next one launches so you can continue to have your say. Thanks again *

It's that time again - when you're invited to make your voice heard direct to the designers and researchers who are working on the diabetes products of today and tomorrow! Read on for all the details:

SD cordially invites you to complete a survey about the medications and devices that you use in the care of your diabetes - or that of your child or other person with diabetes if you are a parent or carer.  The survey only takes around 20 minutes, depending on what medications and devices you are using and how much you want to say (it took us around 12 minutes when we tested it).

The survey takes place twice a year and the present one is open for business from 17-31 May!

Take the survey now

A little background to this request:  

SD has agreed with the company, dQ&A, which is American (but run by two Britons), to invite UK people with diabetes to complete this survey, and possibly future ones (if you wish). This will be the second survey we have invited people to take part in.

This is because we are convinced that their motive in collecting and distributing this anonymised data is to help people with diabetes have a voice in feeding back their experiences to the companies who make the products they use.  This is entirely consistent with the SD philosophy of person centred care and valuing peoples’ experiences and so we are happy to support them in their venture

It’s completely up to you to decide to participate in one or more surveys.  There is a ‘thank you’ of approximately £10 for completing it, and we will also receive the same amount per survey completed.  This seems very fair. You can choose your option for payment as part of the survey, including donating it to charity.

If you’d like to take the present survey (open for at least 2 weeks from 17th May), to repeat or try out the experience, get started now!

Results of the previous survey

The first survey that we were involved in was in December 2017.  It included nearly 600 people living with diabetes - Type 1 and Type 2, parents and carers. They answered questions about their likes and dislikes regarding medications and monitoring/delivery devices, including insulin, tablets, blood glucose meters and sensors and insulin pumps. They also gave a 'wish list' for product development and their opinions about the benefits and downsides of trying different products. For example, the survey found that 85% of people with Type 1 and 65% of those with Type 2 would be very likely, or likely to try an implantable glucose monitoring system.  However, many survey participants also revealed that a barrier to using such a thing would be the need for more appointments to have it fitted or replaced. This and other answers in the survey give an insight into the real-life pros and cons of products direct to the developers and researchers, who can then use it to reduce the barriers, with the aim of making products easier and more 'user friendly'.  

A bit more background:

dQ&A ( have a strong track record of representing the voices of people with diabetes in the US and in Europe and wish to accumulate more feedback and experiences from people with diabetes in the UK. They approached Successful Diabetes (SD), along with a number of other companies and bloggers, for example, for ways to do this and we have since had a number of discussions.   We became particularly interested in them because of their connection with the Diatribe Foundation, a highly respected, not for profit, information organisation founded by people living with diabetes ( You may already know about Diatribe through your own peer and support activities.


In addition to spreading the word about the surveys and receiving the same payments as respondents, SD is also going to be advising dQ&A on UK products and devices to include in the surveys, on matters of language and terminology, on potential companies and organisations who may be interested in the (anonymised) feedback reports generated and on the reports themselves, for which we will receive a consultancy fee. This will be for an initial period, after which we will jointly assess its effects

Many thanks for reading this and for taking part, if you decide to do so!  We hope you’ll agree that having as wide a range of people with diabetes that can give their honest views and experiences about products and devices direct to the companies that make them, is a good idea – and that’s regardless of whether you undertake one, or more, surveys!

Follow this link to the survey to directly share your experiences and ideas

Please get in touch by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or phone (07885 499943) if you’d like to talk through any aspect of this venture, need any further clarification or would like to send the survey to your own contacts, and we can discuss.

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