UPDATE - our 'Non Hunger Eating' Workshop at Diabetes UK's Professional Conference!

As promised, here's what happened at our workshop on Wednesday 8th March at 11.30am at Manchester's Central Convention Complex (all the conference details are here)

Successful Diabetes' Rosie Walker co-presented 'Non Hunger Eating: What is it?: 5 psychological skills to use in time-limited consultations', a workshop, alongside Dr Jen Nash of 'The Eating Blueprint' and Positive Diabetes.  

Well over 100 people attended, and we learned later that some had to be turned away as the room was so full!  We were sorry to hear this and hope that anyone with an interest who couldn't attend might get in touch with us so we can share the information and handouts.

During the workshop, We explained about Non Hunger Eating, which is basically eating for any reason other than hunger, and talked about what the reasons for this might be - applying equally to people with diabetes and without, including ourselves!

We introduced straightforward, non-judgemental ways of inviting a conversation about it, for example 'a lot of people find they eat because they're bored or fed up, does that ever happen to you?' and 'would you like us to talk about the reasons why you eat, as well as what you eat'? These are possible, even in the midst of a time limited consultation.  We also gave the people at the workshop lots of time to practice responding to different comments they reguarly hear, in a new way. The aim of this was to learn to address what people say about their weight and eating in a helpful way, rather than these comments tending to 'shut down' the conversation.  Importantly, we talked about how and where to 'signpost' people who identify during our conversations that they need more specific help with underlying issues.

The workshop was really well received and was friendly and practical as well as useful, as we'd hoped. It was a real pleasure to work with so many people who were keen to provide more help and support to people who struggle with their weight and eating. 

Following the success of this workshop, we will be putting on a full-day version, introducing and learning more skills and practical strategies for consultations about non-hunger eating. This will be held in early July and we're just finalising the venue details.  The cost will be just £75+VAT for the day.  If you'd like to register your interest (no payment required yet!) simply get in touch, put 'Non Hunger Eating' in the text box and we'll keep you posted!

Thanks again to everyone who attended and participated so enthusiastically, and look forward to helping with more skills and practice on this important topic, soon!




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